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About Ramkatha

The rich tapestry that is Indian Culture is made up of so many stories and traditions that while many of them echo in our collective cultural subconscious, many other struggle to find a foothold in our memories. And that's why we created Itihasa, cultural memories that curate these valuable pieces of who we are, to bring them alive again, to be experienced, interacted with, understood and appreciated. our first such story is, perhaps, the most important of them all. Rāmkathā A virtual museum that preserves the cultural memories of a civilization. memories of the saga of lord rama, be those the most well-remembered stories, or lesser known lost tales. And bringing to form the lessons of those sacred verses that are so much more than a story. In vivid, exquisite three-dimensional art. It is a journey that invites seekers to travel on three paths – or three dishas. The three dishas feature a virtual installation each, depicting the great stories of the ramayana, and celebrating lord rama in three different aspects, one for each disha.

Tech Stack
Unity 3D
Visual Studio
Live Industry Project
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Stipend of 4 Lakh
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