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About 3D simulated Live match in AR with interaction

This Statistical Player viewpoint in Augmented Reality will bring spectators closer to the live cricket events they watch in 3D. As they sit on their couch, fans will be immersed in the cricket game. Fans may also communicate with their pals via chat or audio.

● This experience allows users to select between the live match or any favorite match of their choice.

● When the experience is launched, it embraces the fans with a rich digital impression in a single screen that provides diverse features to the fans

● The digital greenish ground gets projected on the screen of the fans with the 3D form of the players who actually played in that specific game after scanning the device

● Every 3D player in this digital experience will track the live match using the live tracking data based on the position in the field

● Any 3D player that moves around the virtual field may be clicked by the fans to view their name and Simple stats. The fans will see the basic statistics data in a pop-up box, equipped with rich graphics on transition

● By clicking the individual player, the statistical information of that particular player will be displayed.

● In addition to the features stated above, 3D animated visuals or graphics are displayed on the fans screen when a Six, Four, Wicket, or other significant event occurs throughout the game

● Finally tis feature is also equipped with the Interaction element of Chat or Audio connect.

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