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About Krifin

House of Krifin is a virtual platform for rich user interaction where participants can socialize & enjoy any experience by Luxury Brands from luxury fashion to watches to cars. Our aim is to create an Experience with the vibes & extravagance of a classic 19th century London casino design along with modern 3D aesthetics .

Our Luxury experience includes world's famous luxury re-created night clubs from around the globe, haute couture fashion shows with Avatar of renowned international fashion supermodel & A.I. generated Human Non-Fungible Avatars (NFA) brand ambassadors along with 3D streaming of ESports matches of famous gamers & streamers for a meta-display of Luxury products using VR.

Krifin aims to advance the sectors of art, culture, and entertainment by integrating blockchain, NFTs, and Defi into companies entering the Metaverse & we have worked with leading brands and S&P 500 companies in Metaverse development. Our work has been recognized by organizations such as Google, ELLE, Estee Lauder, Times Group, Yale University, and the Reserve Bank of India etc.

Our aim is to promote an open & interoperable metaverse ecosystem projects and entities within the greater Metaverse community, in order to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem.

Moreover, our financial research vertical - Meta Asset research center (MARC) is an AI driven 5th Gen think tank and research center focused primarily on investigating the implications of metaverse technology to price the various Meta assets & virtual commodities according to Metanomics (Metaverse economic indicators to induce price stability in Metaverse assets. We work closely with institutions including the European Union EU tech chamber, G100 Task group, IITs, Yale, Amity, Delhi University etc.

Tech Stack
Proton Engine
Unity 3D
Three js
React js
Generative/ Parametric 3D designer
ClO 3D designer
House of Krifin - A 13 Level open source world of virtual Luxury
Unity3D , C#, Proton Engine, AWS hosting
Live Industry Project
Mentorship & Networking
Certificates & Swags
Stipend of 4 Lakh
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