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At Miraretech we believe there is a better way of connecting with technology. A more valuable, more immersive way where clients can open up a world of possibilities for their customers and engage with technology like never before. Our mixed reality platform ( Augmented reality + Virtual reality) us a game changer in the world of business and the future of how we as individuals will interact with products while making purchases. Imagine a world where at a scan of a code you could see products physically in your living room without moving an inch AR imagine going house hunting sitting on your couch.

Tech Stack
Unity 3D
Mirare Interactive PVT LTD
Yaffle Fit for Jio Glasses
Blender,Jio SDK,C#,Jio AR Platform,Unity 3D
Live Industry Project
Mentorship & Networking
Certificates & Swags
Stipend of 4 Lakh
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  : xros@reskilll.com
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