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Who VR is focused on Digital Heritage, on a mission to marry the ancient with the modern, leveraging technologies like VR, AR, AI, Blockchain to recreate the History, Arts and Culture of our ancestors for the world to consume. As a part of Tourism Discovery and Heritage Proliferation, we create VR and AR capsules whereby tourists and discoverers can time-travel to the past and relive the ancient sites, temples and learn about them as they happen, in multi-sensory immersive experiences. We also aim to make History Enjoyable for Millennials and Gen-Z by creating new-age experiences in VR like VR Music Concerts (Product called ConcertSCAPE) and Heritage Games (Strategy Games, Ancient Board Games). Who VR believes in conveying our culture, history, and heritage holistically using a combination of the arts, temple architecture, ancient sciences, astronomy, medicine, and psychology in order to demonstrate the breadth of our ancestors' knowledge and draw lessons for our modern society. Our team is made up of historians, neuroscientists, Vedic chant healers, filmmakers, and sound engineers who have come together to realise who we are and where we came from on a holistic level.

Tech Stack
Unreal/Unity Engine
AWS Cloud
AR APK Development
Who VR
Indic Heritage – Vishnu Dashavatara Stories in Augmented Reality
Unreal/Unity Engine, ARCore, Maya, Blender, NVIDIA XR, AWS Cloud, AR APK Development
Who VR
Indic Heritage – 3D-modeling of Indus Valley Civilization
Unreal/Unity Engine, Maya, Blender, NVIDIA XR, AWS Cloud, VR APK Development
Live Industry Project
Mentorship & Networking
Certificates & Swags
Stipend of 4 Lakh
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