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About Indic Heritage – Vishnu Dashavatara Stories in Augmented Reality

The project would involve 2 parts a) Marker/Object-based detection of Dashavatara Image/Figurines b) Once detected, Animated storytelling with Audio Narrative on the user’s device As the user scans her device (mobile/tablet) on the image or figurine of Dashavatara, the app on the device triggers stories of all the 10 avatars from Matsya, Kurma to Rama and Krishna. Animated storytelling of each avatar’s purpose, symbology and struggles/victories in tiny 4-minute capsules rich with photorealistic animation and scene rendering. Script/screenplay of the animation would be provided to the developer. The developer will work with seasoned mentors in animation technology and game engines and would be expected to create rich, immersive animation stories for 10 avatars and package the same into an app friendly with all devices (mobile/tablet)

Tech Stack
Unreal/Unity Engine
AWS Cloud
AR APK Development
Live Industry Project
Mentorship & Networking
Certificates & Swags
Stipend of 4 Lakh
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