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About Anatomically accurate male and female models of anatomy

"Specialising in navigable 3D anatomical models. Developed within an independent international team and sharing its production for free worldwide. The data shared on this website is made of several ingredients. Each one of them is essential to the end-result. This story starts around 2013, when Kousaku Okubo and the team of 'BodyParts3D' create a beautiful complex model of human anatomy, made of hundreds of different objects, under CC-BY-SA license, for the 'Life Science Database Archive'. ​In 2019, The 'Fipat' publishes the second edition of the Terminologia Anatomica (TA2-2019), as locked .pdf files, in English and Latin. In July 2019, the version 2.8 of Blender will be released. "

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